B&B Talent Management

David Berger - Manager, Producer, Editor

David is the Executive Producer for the feature films Body Keepers and AVA and the Associate Producer for the feature film Star Raiders staring Casper Van Dien. After a 2013 meeting with Ronda Belser regarding The My Teen Movie Project, David realized his love of movies and helping people, aligned with Ronda’s aspirations and goals to produce their first film. David secured the funding for the project’s first film, Body Keepers, within a week.

After seeing several of the actors on the film struggle in securing agents, building their demo reels or navigating the tricky entertainment industry, David decided to start B&B Talent Management. With the sole focus of keeping an Actor’s goals in mind, David has built a management company that works outside the box of a typical manager helping to brand their actors, create their demo reels, personal websites, and preparing each one of their clients for every single audition.

He has an extensive background in IT, which was fully utilized during post-production of the film as David taught himself all aspects of editing, coloring, sound & special effects; contributing thousands of hours over two years to complete the film. David also stepped in as the Line Producer and Set Designer during production.

David graduated from Drexel University with a BS in computer science. He owns multiple businesses in a wide range of industries, including real estate, film, finance, and retail. Most of his businesses focus on helping others.