B&B Talent Management

Tony has had lead roles is television, theater, and film. Directors often compliment how fast and easily he takes direction. He is always the most prepared person, both on set and in auditions.

Known for
Better Call Saul
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Sumeet is an extremely talkent actor with great goals. If he follows the path he has set, he will surely become a huge star.

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Adam is a versatile actor who is also trained in stunt work and is an amazing voiceover talent. He is in constant demand due to his ability to pull off different characters.

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A seasoned actor, RJ started his acting career in Los Angeles and is ready to hit both the Atlanta and New Mexico market, playing a wide array of characters. RJ is steadily working and quickly adding lead and supporting roles in television and feature films.

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Ronda is an seasoned actor and precision driver, working across film, TV, and theater. She has worked with big productions such as Corday Productions, Fox, ESPN, and Netflix.

Known for
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Jenice's love of acting began in Europe where she was exposed to a juicy amount of theater. She is well trained, and has worked in many countries as an Actress and now calls LA her home.

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